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Őz (Roe) Nature Trail Őz (Roe) nature trail starts in Felsőregmec, which has been a populated settlement since the Hungarian conquest in the 9th century. Felsőregmec is famous for its church, which was built during the reign of the Árpád dynasty, in the 12th century, in Romanesque architectural style.
Leaving Felsőregmec visitors can see grey cattle herd grazing both sides of the road. Following the roe sign we can go towards Alsóregmec. Agricultural works are done near the road. On the left, farther from the road, we can see a wet, rushy place and willows of the bank of Ronyva brook.

The brook serves as the country border, too. On the other side of the brook we can see the mountains of the Zemplén and the small, Slovak villages in the valleys. Visitors often can meet bicycling people, as the road is a part of the Eurovelo European bicycle path system.

Alsóregmec, which was owned by the Kazinczy family, is a typical ancient settlement with one crossing road and long, narrow yards on both sides of the road. The place, where the Kazinczy chateau used to stand is signed by a plaque. Kazinczy Ferenc Hungarian writer and neologist reformer of the Hungarian language grew up there. It is worth stopping at the Kazinczy memorial park, which is in the centre of the village, next to the Greek Catholic church. The old Kazinczy cemetery is also an interesting place for visiting. Following the roe sign we can get the Vadmacska (Wild cat) nature trail at Fedor-tanya.