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Borz (badger) nature trail Borz (badger) nature trail links the Margit spring to the Fekete-rét (meadow) through Vágáshuta. Starting our route from the Margit spring we can go along the valley of  the Hosszú brook, on the trace of the national “Blue” trip route. At the beginning we have to go on a road, surrounded by willow, alder trees and oaks. Sometimes meadows appear near the road with grazing roe. Before daybreak or at night badgers often cross the road hunting for their prey.

Reaching Vágáshuta we can see the sight of a typical Slovakian village, which started to be built in the 18th century by settlers from Árva county. The village has three separated parts: Dolina, Kispart and Nagypart. Our route crosses Dolina and we get to Nagypart through the forest, where beech, which tree prefers a cooler climate, also can be seen.

On the slope of the road Lycopodium clavatum (wolf's-foot clubmoss) and lupines grow, shoving that the place belongs to upland habitat. Getting up to Nagypart we can admire the wonderful sight, which makes the village so popular. Leaving the settled area, the resting place and a small playground we continue our tour on a flat ridge, along a forest path into the home of younger and older oaks. In the northern direction beech forests also can be found.

Passing the ruins and the forgotten fruit trees of the forester’s house in Alsó-Cseréptó, we have to turn left on a route with a red sign. Keeping in silence and with a bit of luck we can have a look at roe and deer in the clearance. Walking amid younger and older trees we can get to the ridge of Hallgató mountain. It is a short but rather steep part of our trail, called Lóhalál (Hotfoot).
From this point we can walk on a slope to the Fekete-rét (meadow), where we can have a rest on the resting place, to climb the Fekete mountain and to get to the viewpoint. Then we can choose from several nature trails along the Bózsva brook to get to the valley, where Mikóháza is located.