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Polyán Association Polyán society was founded in 2008. The initiative persons were 2 inhabitants from Mikóháza and two non-governmental organizations: „In this mission of Nature and Environment Association” and the INSP-Ráció Association.
The Nyíregyháza NGO members agreed to help with resources (primarily by applications) and application programs and Rudolf Miklós- local farmer is agreed to help in economic development, operation and controls. The members of the Polyán Association were committed to start an economical developing program which called Polyán program.
Polyán program:
Polyán program means a local economic development program, which is complex, based on local resources, collaborate with nature in order to build a system between production and consumption. The economic development is based on the principals of a land management system called Bokartisz. Main objective of the program is to create a model farm, which can show a working sample for the inhabitants of Mikóháza, and can affect an enviromental development.
The Polyán Program is divided to 2 elementary part:
1.    Building a model farm which can provide a self-maintaining affect in cooperation with nature
2.    Sustainable village development and expansion program (Local Economic Development)

Our main activities according to the statutes:
• environmental protection, animal welfare and environmental protection,environmental education
• Education and training, skill development, dissemination,
• repatriation of landraces 
• a significant role in the natural landscape systems, promoting conservation and regeneration
• scientific activities, research, workshops, self-education
• heritage, cultural activities, tourism development and implementation of the operation of tourism services
• social activities, family support, elderly care
• health promotion, disease prevention, curative, rehabilitative health activities,
• disadvantaged groups to promote social equality,
• the national and ethnic minorities, and the Hungarians beyond the border-relatedactivities,
• disadvantaged labor market training, employment promotion and related services;
• non-profit organizations provided - only available for non-profit organizations - services;


Title: Polyán Association
Mikóháza 3989, Petofi Sandor u. 32 / a
Chair: Miklós Molnár Esther
Tel: +36 30 421-7728 (Miklós Rudolf)
E-mail: @ polyan.egyesulet