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"Gyöngyösbokréta" Tradition and Community Center "Gyöngyösbokréta" Tradition and Community Center can accommodate 90-100 people comfortably. The hall is suitable for organizing seminars, conferences,  meetings,  and various events or parties. In addition, it is  home of other cultural associations practice room. The Community Center serves as a wedding hall too.

Regularly held in Programs:
- Senior Day
- Santa celebrations
- Christmas Party
- New Year's Eve Ball
- Table-tennis and chess tournaments
- Open-air theater
- Local product Festival organizer:
Hutkainé Vágó Enikő

Tel.:+36 20/499-4104

Contact: "Gyöngyösbokréta" Tradition and Community Center
3989 48th Road Mikóháza Gabor Aron
Tel: +36 20/499-4104