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Mikóházi Búzakalász Agricultural Ltd.

The Mikóházi Búzakalász Mőgazdasági Ltd. was founded on the 1st of October 1995.
Its main activities are farming on approxmately 500 hectares, crop production and doing integration activities between the local farmers (mutually agreed purchase of raw materials for example: fertilizer, chemicals, seeds etc. and sale of the mutually agreed prepared goods. This activity provides farming in addition 1000 hectars.
Main crops: canola, wheat, corn, sunflower or any other crop - mustard, barley, alfalfa, oat - which they are able to conclude a contract with seedprocessing plants.



The company plans to product animal feeds  in the future.
The sales prices are generally relate to stock prices,int he function of the payment dates and the quantities.

Advantages of the company: close to the Slovakian border ( close to Kosice-50 km) close to the Polish border (Rzesow- 230 km)
Disadvantages of the company: distance  of the water transport routes ( Danube 280 km)
Tamás Frankó
Tel.: +3620317-5145


Address: 3989, Mikóháza, Fedor-tanya
Tel.: 47/308-205
Fax.: 47/508-009