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Béla Juhász, individual entrepreneur

The main activity of the en is the agricultural production for more than 20 years. The company employes 7 people and do farming approximately in 300 hectar area.

Five kinds of plants are grown: wheat, sunflower, barley, canola and alfalfa. The products are grown for sale for the local interests, but it has happened before that the Poles also have purchased lots.

In addition to the business of crop, husbandry has an outstanding role too.
Livestock units 200-250 which includes the dairy cattle and calves as well. The sale of the home-made milk products takes place in the Hegyköz region with the help of transportation.

The largest part of the milk supplies used by the Alföld Tej company.

It is possible to buy home-made milk, from which you c inquire via the above mentioned phone number.

Address: 3989, Mikóháza, 46, Szabadság Street
Tel.: +36 70/453-5600 /Sándor Juhász/