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Sándor Fehér, plumber

Sándor Fehér
water, heating and gas mechanic master.

I work as profession since 1978, and as a full-time private entrepreneur since 2004 .

• construction of new pipelines
• Complete bathroom building and renovation
• Shower trays, cabinets installation
• Removing Pipe Breaks
• Boilers descaling
• Faucets repair, replacement
• Toilets, sinks replacement
• Replacing toilet tank and bowl
• Strangvezetékek for replacement of
• congestion relief

Heating installation:

• In single-family houses, new system construction
• Pre-Season review
• Cleaning, priming
• Radiator replacement
• Solar systems
• Floor heating design
• Pool Heating
• modernization of heating
• Water installation of fireplaces Teres
• installation of boilers, replacement
Gas Installation:

• New pipeline construction
• conversion of an existing pipeline network, to improve
• installation of boilers, replacement
• Gas appliances thereof, integration (convectors, water heater, gas stove, etc.).

Main objective of my work is to try to meet customer needs, customer expectations  as soon as possible.
If I can help you with the above mentioned questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact me!


Thank you for placing your confidence in me :
Sándor Fehér : 06-30/573-4545 or 47/308-02