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A Foundation for the Youth of Mikóháza

Mikóházi Fiatalokért Alapítvány

(A Foundation for the Youth of Mikóháza)

Tax ID: 18433917 – 1- 05

Bank account number: 55500029-15003353

The Foundation for the Youth of Mikóháza was registered by the County Courts of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén on 31st December 1999. Its founder members were Tamás Frankó, Tamás Rusznák, Sándor Juhász, Gáborné Medve. It is registered as a charitable foundation on 3rd May 2001.

The primary aims of the foundation:

  • health care, health prevention, medical work and rehabilitation

  • social issues and help for the families

  • education, dissemination, skill development

  • sport (except professional sport activities)

  • cultural activities

The foundation is focused on the organization of the several leisure, culture and sport activities for the youth of the village (included from the youngest generations to the young couples), keeping the equal opportunities to the fore. As most of the families in the village are disadvantaged, the foundation tries to provide a wide variety of leisure facilities and precious programmes and activities to develop their health and mental condition and to arouse their interest. The time spending together can develop their tolerance and responsibility for each other. The foundation has a really good relationship with the local school, kindergarten and the local minority self-governments (Gipsy, Ruthenian, Slovakian).They also have a fruitful cooperation with the local Sport Club, the Militia and the Child Welfare Services. They organize numerous programmes together as they have a common aim: to keep the local communities.

The activities of the Foundation can be classified in three groups.

  1. Own programmes

  1. cultural programmes (Winter Evenings, Summer Theatre Evenings)

  2. activities for children

  3. programmes for young couples

  4. trips, competitions

  5. ballgames, ski competitions, sledge competitions

  1. Supportive work for the events of the village, local school and kindergarten

(Carnival, Santa Claus Day, sport events, village day)

  1. Searching for tenders

Our organization could not provide such a wide variety of the several programmes without tenders as our financial sources are limited.

Board of Trustees

Andrea Balázs Chairman

Noémi Monokné Novák

Ildikó Magyari Leskóné

Anikó Takács

Jánosné Novák

József Dzsupin

Dánielné Hutkai

János Fehér

Krisztina Emri Szombatiné