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Sport Club

Name: Mikóházi Sportegyesület

Home: 97/A, Szabadság street, Mikóháza


They year of the foundation: 1999

Colours of the club: yellow and blue


Chairman: József Vángor

Members of the chairmanship: József Bobkó, Istvánné Csizmadia

Voting committee

Chairman : József Vángor

Members: Tiborné Gergely, Miklósné Juhász

Coach of the adult team: Tibor Tokár

Coach of the youth: Attila Emri

Number of the players: 52

Number of the club members: 48

Tax ID : 18433924-1-5


Some words about our past

The football club was re-formed after 32 years, in 2000 by the initiation of Tamás Frankó mayor and Miklós Lackó former football player. At the beginning 24 adult player, 20 young player and 21 supporter member belonged to the club. Our sponsor is the local major’s office, which provides the financial background for our work. Our old football field has been renewed and the necessary equipments were bought by the tireless work of the members of the club and Miklós Lackó. Miklós Lackó has got the award of Mikóháza for his work.

Because of his health problems Miklós Laczkó renounced his title of chairman in June 2005 and the membership elected László Szombati as the new chairman.




The club plays in the III Zemplén division. At the beginning they had to deal with several difficulties such as forming of the teams and changing players, so the first two years did not bring a success for them. However, the club gains the 2nd and the 3rd place on the table from 2003. Only a few points retained them to get into the second division two times. More players of the team have won the title of the best goal scorer and a fair play award.

The youth team won the first place in their division in 2006/07. The adult team has won the first place several times on the indoor football cup in Sátoraljaújhely.

The club takes part in the qualifier matches of the Hungarian Cup, where they often won over stronger teams.

A new changing room was inaugurated in 2006, where the local and the guest players can prepare for their matches in a comfortable way. The youth team and their supporters and fans are carried to their matches by the bus of the mayor’s office, while the adult team travels with its own bus.

In winter the team trains for the spring season in the sport centre in Sátoraljaújhely. When the weather turns better they have outdoor trainings with matches against stronger football teams. They also took part in the “Dr Borosi László” Memorial Tournament, where they won the domestic qualifier cup in the third division, and did its best for getting to the final.

Public life

The keys for the team’s success are the cohesion and the good mood. A charity ball is organised every year for the club, where the players, members and supporters take part. The players also take trips together to make friends with each other. Smaller parties are also organised for the players after the successful domestic matches with the help of the sponsors and supporters.

János Krenyitczki won the award “For Mikóháza” in 2006 for his successful work at sport.