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The most frequent rock of the area is rhyolite but dacite also can be found in the “Nagy-hallgató” and “Fekete” mountains. The plain lying at the foot of the mountains has been filled with alluvial soil by the “Bózsva”, “Rongyva” and several smaller brooks. The soil filled by the “Bózsva” is alluvial soil without lime modules and at the edge of the territory brown forest soil can be found.The climate of Mikóháza is similar to that of Hungary. A high number of sunny days and relatively a low number of foggy, wet days can be experienced.

The flora and the fauna of the area are rather rich. There are three significant ranges of flora here. The species of Alpine flora belong to the Carpathian flora. The second range is represented by the species of the “Északi-középhegység” belong to the Pannonian flora. Last but not least, the third range is the typical forest area of the “Északi-középhegység”. Beeches are endemic in the valleys around the village, while oaks are located on the higher, sunnier places. Beeches also can be found on the eastern sides of the highest mountains (“Fekete” mountain, “Nagy-hallgató” mountain). The undergrowth of the beech wood is rather poor because of the dense leafage. Flowers bloom under the oaks, on the glades, near the paths in the growing season. Numerous rare and protected plants and several well-known herbs grow in the forests and on the fields.









A large number of birds live in natural and artificial nests and hollows and the smaller mammals of the “Zemplén” are also endemic in the older parts of the wood. Beside the typical big games like red deer, roe and boar, mouflon can be found here. The area is also very rich in rare and protected insects. Many kind of edible mushrooms grow on the dry fallen leaves and the punk wood.

The place is blessed with favourable natural conditions, which are preferential to the forest and wildlife management and tourism. Numerous hiking routes cross the area and it is rich in natural beauties, historical places and tourist attractions. It has been a more and more attractive tourist destination with its developing infrastructure and accommodation facilities. Many new families are looking for a home here because of the beautiful, untouched nature and the small distance from the urban area.

 Abaúj-Zemplén Értékeiért Közhasznú Egyesület