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Nemes Guesthouse

(Nemes Vendégszállás)

Owner’s name: Nemes Sándor

Owner’s address: 25, Gábor Áron út, Mikóháza

Address of the accommodation: 45, Gábor Áron út, Mikóháza


Telephone: +36 47 308-196, +36 20 515-0316

Number of rooms: 2

Number of beds: 5

The house provides accommodation for 5 people. There are a double room and a room with three beds and an extra truckle bed. A bathroom with a shower and a well equipped kitchen are also available for the guests. The house is located in the centre of the village, in a peaceful, separated yard.


All the guesthouses provide resting areas nearby with benches, outdoor fireplaces, parking places for the visitors.

The landscape is beautiful in the Zemplén in winter. The lovers of the winter sports can find great sport facilities on the ski and sledge routes of Sátoraljaújhely (Magas-hegy). The longest chair lift route works here too.

For further information please find the info.mikohaza@gmail.come e-mail address.