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Black Stork Nature Trail

Leaving Mikóháza via Petőfi street visitors can see wet meadows, where hunting black storks often can be seen. The nature trail was named by these birds. In the pine wood near the hills martens are endemic.
Turning right after the rail barrier and following the black stork signs visitors can get to a field surrounded by wood. Several fodder plants are grown here for wild animals. With some luck deer, hare, pheasant and fox can be watched here. Crossing a small alder grove we can reach the Lucskai spring (this is the end of the Fox (Róka) nature trail). Here a resting area can be found, where visitors can have a picnic drinking from the fresh water of the spring.

A more tiring part of the trail starts for the tourists from this point, following the black stork signs, which lead them on an old cart path near the “Csemetekerti” valley. On the side of the valley a pine wood can be found with some beeches. Passing the so called “sózó” we can get to the ridge of the “Szénégető”, where a wallowing place of boar and red deer can be found. The footprints of the animals can be discovered in the mud and with a bit of luck even the animals themselves can be observed there.
Beside the wallowing place strange, flat holes can be seen in the oak trees, which are used as a shelter by several protected bat species.

Going on our trip and following the black stork signs, the “Sűrűbükk “- side can be reached, where a wonderful sight of the northern part of the Hegyköz can be admired by the visitors. A narrow path leads us to the “Fekete – rét” meadow along the layer line. On the steep hill-side we may meet mouflons. An open air fireplace and an eco-classroom can be used by the tourists on the “Fekete-rét” meadow.