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Róka tanösvény Róka (Fox) nature trail starts at the Calvary of Vilyvitány and it leaves the village through Szabadság street. It follows the dirt road between Határtó and Akáctűlő until it reaches the asphalt road. Agricultural work is done beside the route, where hunting fox often can be seen before daybreaks. In winter time buzzard looks for its prey on the fields.

We can continue our tour on a dirt road following the fox sign, which leads us through the meadows beside the Bózsva brook. It is worth spending some time on these meadows, because we can see several protected plants and animals here, such as Sanguisorba officinalis (Great Burnet), Banat sedge,  Gentianaceae, iris, campion,  etc.  This is also the eating place of the lesser spotted eagle. Corncrake and black stork are often can be seen here, too.

Getting to the meadow located under the Malom, we can ride on hucul horses in the “Ketel   Magyarjai Lovaség”, and we can see traditional Hungarian animals here, too. Archery is also can be tried by tourists. 
After crossing the Bózsva brook the road turns left. We follow the brook surrounded by alders until we have to turn into southern direction at a big wild cherry tree. Going along the fox sign trail we can get to the Lucskai spring, which is the end of the Róka (Fox) nature trail.

A resting place can be found here with outdoor fireplace. This place belongs to the Fekete gólya (Black stork) trail, so from this point we can get to Mikóháza, the viewpoint of the Fekete mountain, the Fekete- hegyi nature trail and the Borz (badger) trail, too.