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“Vaddisznó” (Boar) nature trail

The “Vaddisznó” (Boar) trail continues the “Borz” (Badger ) trail from the “Margit” spring and it leads under the “Osztra” hill to the “Fekete gólya” (Black stork) trail. Starting from the spring going along the road towards Northern direction we can get to a valley with fields, wet meadows and small groves. This is the valley of the “Hosszú” brook, which is the habitat of corncrakes, and it is also the eating place of black storks and lesser spotted eagles. Foxes hunt for gophers and mice on the fields and boar often can be seen before daybreak or at twilight. We may also meet deer or roe at the edge of the groves or crossing the road.

Reaching Kovácsvágás visitors can see several wooden sculptures of historical themes, like in other Hungarian villages. The village, which was settled mainly by people in reformed religion, was built in the widening valley of the brook at the end of the 14th century and at the beginning of the 15th century. Crossing the village and turning left we can get to “János-vára” (Castle of János), the ruins of the medieval motte, which is on the top of a smaller hill covered by pine trees. Walking down to the village we can continue our tour. Passing the reformed cemetery we can look at the old gravestones.

Going along the “Topolyás “ ditch, near the habitat of boars we can get on the ridge of Baradla mountain. From this point the next stop is the Baradla rock, which provides a wonderful sight to Kovácsvágás and its surrounding. In the southern direction we can see the great sight of Fekete mountain. Honey buzzard, buzzard, lesser spotted eagle and black stork may circle above the forest. They can be seen by the attentive observer. Knocking of woodpeckers also can be heard in the wood.

At the foot of Osztra hill we can turn to the Fekete gólya (Black Stork) nature trail and we can climb the Fekete mountain until we reach the viewpoint on its top. We can also walk down towards Vilyvitány until we reach the Róka (Fox)trail.